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How does online card reading work?

When laying cards, different areas of life are interpreted based on the cards turned up. You will receive clairvoyant interpretations from various areas of your life: from love to success in your job to useful information about your future. When placing cards online, it is important that a qualified card reader interprets them accordingly. With online card reading, uncovering and reading takes place directly by phone or chat. The experienced card reader will tell you live which cards have been uncovered and what they mean for your personal future.

These are the reputable and best providers on the Internet

Many people offer their supposed divination services on the Internet. Perhaps it has ever happened to you that you came across a „black sheep“? Due to the large number of providers, it is important to find a reputable provider. Deutung24.com will help you. All listed providers have been tested by our experts and found to be good. Take a look at the top comparison and see for yourself.

Tarot – The modern card reading

The future of a person can be interpreted with the help of tarot cards. The questioner usually draws 5 to 10 cards from the tarot pile. The tarot interpreter can interpret these through his special abilities and thus answer life questions.

What are the top criteria in our ranking?

Various criteria can be used in a comparison. In our ranking, the following points were decisive for the evaluation of the different providers: – Diversity of application areas – Method variability / different options – Wide range of consultants – Price-performance ratio – Special offers and price reductions – Communication channels (video, chat, telephone session option or app available?) – Money-back guarantee – general impression of the structure and quality of the website. These criteria result in a score that leads to our specified rating.

How does the rating of the top online clairvoyant websites come about?

All of our experts who have tested the various providers have various experiences with spiritual clairvoyants. In their sometimes very long history, they have had good but also very bad experiences. This drives them to develop a comparison website that can help you research and find the right online clairvoyant. A clairvoyant or psychic can become a loyal companion throughout life. At the beginning of the research, our team of experts from deutung24.com examined various websites. After an initial search on the Internet, a large number of potential candidates were found. The Internet is full of these types of websites. However, it quickly became clear that some of them could be dropped due to the dubious appearance. The trained eyes of our experts could not miss the slightest abnormality. Ultimately, about 20 candidates remained in the selection list. The experts have now taken a closer look at these. Of course, you created an account for all candidates and tested the services yourself. In some cases, astonishingly concrete things came to light, especially among our test winners. The price-performance ratio was analyzed using the price structures documented on the website. Finding the lowest price per minute was particularly important. But the conditions of the websites were also checked and checked carefully. In the event of abnormalities, points were subtracted from the ranking. The FAQs and ratings of other users were also taken into account. They are important for the right all-round impression from the provider. Points were awarded for each criterion, which ultimately led to an average result. The top ranking 2020 can be found here.